Santa Monica

Rock Your Loudest Sweater at This Santa Monica Bash

The Gallery Food Hall and Social Eats will kick off Christmas Week with a holiday 'n hops Happy Hour.

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What to Know

  • Friday, Dec. 20
  • Gallery Food Hall & SocialEats
  • 5-8 p.m.

When does Christmas Week begin?

Does it start on the Monday morning before Christmas Day? Or sometime during the weekend?

Or, let's get down to it, the Friday evening that falls before the weekend that comes before the Monday that begins the weekday run that leads up to Christmas?

Plenty of sweater-clad revelers will likely tick the box that sits next to "Friday," and then another box that says "around Happy Hour."

Are you also ready to begin the fa, la festivities on Friday, Dec. 20? At least for an hour or two, even if Christmas Week will be a busy one for you, as it tends to be for so many people?

Then make your way to Third Street Promenade, and Gallery Food Hall, where an Ugly Sweater Party will kick off the pre-holiday weekend.

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The high jinks, which are also helmed by SocialEats, run from 5 to 8 o'clock and include $4 beers for anyone rocking a jumper that has bells all over it, or snowmen, or reindeer, or elves, or all of the above.

There's a contest, too, for the best of the over-the-top tops, and the winner will score a gift card worth $100 (you'll need to post a picture of yourself at one of the food hall's eateries while, yes, wearing your sweater).

Live tunes and "Festive Specials" will also deck The Gallery Food Hall during the three-hour event.

So you'll still be on the hectic go in the days ahead of the yuletide?

Find an hour to wear the most whimsical sweater you know to this Santa Monica foodie favorite, and, just maybe, you'll score a holiday hundy in the form of a gift card.

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