Roll Through Tunnel of Terror OC for a Sudsy, Spooky Car Wash

Are those... clowns... lurking through the soap-covered windshield? Find out, if you dare, in Anaheim.

Tunnel of Terror

What to Know

  • 2219 Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim (at the Big Wave Express Car Wash)
  • $30 per car
  • Purchase your tickets in advance (specific nights may sell out)

If you've ever sat inside an automobile as it rolled through an automatic car wash, and watched suds pour down the windows and various brushes and blowers pass along your ride's sides, your imagination may have become... piqued.

After all, some of those twirly brushes can look like furry figures, the kind you might see after sundown, in the wilderness, while the soap sliding down the windshield?

The wriggling ribbons of cleanser can assume curious configurations, the sort of shapes that seem to have emerged from some freaky flick.

So learning that there's a "haunted car wash" in Southern California? The mash-up doesn't feel all that outlandish.

What is outlandish, and eeky, and perfect for the Halloween season, is the fact that the inventive team behind Tunnel of Terror OC doesn't rely on suds or soap to summon the spooky startles, but rather a gaggle of wicked, wash-haunting monsters.

Including, on occasion, clowns.

Need we garnish or fancy-up that statement? We surely need not, because you can visualize what it might be like to have a clown suddenly appear outside your car window inside a soapy, sudsy car wash.

If you're brave enough, of course, to imagine such things.

Adding to the scrub-clean, give-a-scream adventure? Mood lighting, full of big colors and deep shadows, adds to the destination's unsettling allure.

Tunnel of Terror OC debuted in 2020, when many Halloween-themed events featured a drive-through element due to local pandemic policies.

The offbeat attraction proved so popular that it is back for 2021, in a new location. But do keep in mind that tickets are going faster than a bubble of soap, sliding down your windshield, pops.

A ticket is $30, and that covers your car.

Buying your admission in advance? That's recommended, because this frightful fan favorite will start to book up, quickly, as Halloween rolls closer.

And consider this, as you roll out of Anaheim's Big Wave Express Car Wash: Not only will you have had a few monstrously entertaining encounters, but your vehicle will now sparkle.

How many haunted attractions simultaneously complete two tasks? Car care and spooky scares?

Now we're wondering how many of our errands, come late October, can take on a frightfully fun mood, all to keep us in the haunted spirit of the season.