Roller Skaters to Ghoulishly Glide at a Halloween-Themed Rink Night

Glendale's beloved Moonlight Rollerway is celebrating the holiday early with a scary-fun night of skating.


What to Know

  • Moonlight Rollerway at 5110 San Fernando Road in Glendale
  • The all-ages Halloween-Themed Skate Night rolls on Sunday, Oct. 30 from 8 to 11 p.m.
  • $19 general admission; $7 skate rental

Roller skating has a lot in common with Halloween, and we don't even have to reach too far, or perform too many complicated figure eights or scissor maneuvers, to reach that conclusion.

Costuming? Both the popular recreational activity and the eerie October holiday are super-into snazzing it up, and by "snazzing it up" we mean sparking socks, colorful tops, and such.

Candy? You're going to find an area of goodies at a classic roller rink's snack counter, just like you'll find festive confections in a pumpkin-shaped bucket after a round of trick-or-treating.

And orange? Well, this might be a stretch, but glide with us: The orange-hued wheels and bumper of a classic rental skate always summon to mind the classic Halloween color.

So when the vibes of the wicked and whimsical occasion weave through a special night of roller skating, we're ready to take a spooky spin. And that's just what will be afoot, or perhaps "askate" is more apt, at Moonlight Rollerway on Halloween Eve.

That's right: This isn't happening on Halloween night but rather Oct. 30, the Sunday just before the haunting holiday.

Guests to the Glendale destination can enjoy three hours of monstrously merry music and, yep, costumes are fine (but read up on the rules, like the fact that whatever you wear "must not impair vision or skates.")

The Halloween-Themed Skate Night may feature some of the Halloween-inspired tunes you love the best or you could discover a fresh and frightful song you adore. That's the beauty of those seasonal hits that come back around each and every year: There are some you know by heart and others that suddenly capture your fancy for the first time.

General admission is $19, and if you need skates you can rent them "at the door" for seven bucks.

Adding to the air of celebration?

October is National Roller Skating Month, so lacing up your favorite wheel-cool boots for a shake-your-stuff session at one of the world's best-known rinks feels like the perfect way to commemorate it.

And Moonlight Rollerway, which glided into our skate-obsessed worlds well over six decades ago, truly deserves the mantle of "one of the world's best-known rinks," for it regularly pops up on television and in films, making it a skating star for the ages.

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