Palos Verdes Peninsula

Roller Skaters Will Have a (Disco) Ball at a Local Garden

Dancing, art, lights, and super-rad skate times will add summer sparkle to South Coast Botanic Garden.

Jena Ardell

What to Know

  • South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • July 16-Labor Day Weekend; tickets start at $39
  • Music, dancing, roller skating, art, plants, and more

Portals that serve as transformative passageways to other realms don't exist, or so we're told to believe.

But it depends, of course, on the type of portal you've got in mind. If it is a movie-style, blinking-bright doorway, well... those seem to be in rather short supply.

A lush garden, though?

Talk about a true place of transformation, uplift-a-tude, and out-and-out joy.

And when sounds flow through and around the shrubs, and lights twinkle among the leaves, and the mood grows merrier, a portal to a higher plane has definitely been discovered.

You can't spell "discovered" without "disco," of course, and that's the central word, and zazzy theme, to what will be rolling out at South Coast Botanic Garden from July 16 through Labor Day Weekend.

A shimmering synthesis of get-moving music, expansive art, fab flavors, and, you bet, roller disco, The DiscOasis was created by the great Nile Rodgers, Grammy Award winner and musical pioneer extraordinaire.

So count on this pop-up experience to blossom with big ideas, visionary vavoom, and the sort of sweet-simmering joy that seems to be the beautiful birthright of summertime.

And, of course, some seriously wicked wheel-based moves.

The "in-person communal experience," which takes place in various pockets of the property's air 87 acres, will feature guests joining "... together in a utopia of natural beauty" as they "... dance their way through a garden of pure rhythm and celebration."

Constellation Immersive, which produced the drive-thru "Elf on the Shelf" experience in Pomona in 2020, is behind the under-the-stars skate-porium.

Costumed roller skaters and groove-summoning DJs will be part of the magical milieu, a scene which will glimmer each day, except for Monday, during its multi-week run.

"The DiscOasis is a dream come true for me," shared Nile Rodgers.

"People know and love to dance to my songs, what they may not know is that I've been a skater all my life and I love to roller disco!"

"I can remember the first time I ever walked into a disco and saw people from every walk of life put their troubles, prejudices and differences aside in the name of love and dance. It was the perfect place and we look to create that same spirit at The DiscOasis."

Have you been burnishing your skating skills over the last several months?

Are you the raddest roller on the boardwalk, the sidewalk, the local park? Or someone making the joyful journey to ultimate skating rad-o-sity?

Come show off your rad self, or simply swan through the destination's picturesque landscapes, savoring the ethereal mood, during this garden-meets-disco delight.

Tickets? Do your best spin, or a grapevine, or a low and slow, then roll to this site now to book your spot at the outdoor-iest disco in all of SoCaLand.

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