Rolling Stones: Not-So-Secret LA Show Shhh…

The icons'll be rocking Petco Park in San Diego; where will they appear in LA ahead of that gig?

Secrets shows, those unannounced or semi-announced or last-minute-announced gigs by mega-wattage acts, are the lifeblood of the true-blue, gotta-have-all-the-inside-info fan.

Landing in the right city, at the right club, on the exact night, takes some luck for a music maven, though, but so does catching a few whispers on the wind well ahead of time. And "well ahead of time," in the world of secret shows, is often just a few days, or even a few hours.

As is the case with a certain iconic band in LA on May 20. For while The Rolling Stones could probably pull off the easy surprise set back in the day, being one of the planet's foremost powerhouse storied rock bands makes a low-key mystery appearance headline news.

Mr. Jagger, Mr. Richards, Mr. Wood, and Mr. Watts will "Angie"-up and "Wild Horses"-out Petco Park in San Diego on May 24, but there's a big tantalizing TBA on the band's Los Angeles gig.

That show is set for Wednesday, May 20. And, yes, there is a "Sold Out" following the To Be Announced notice, so some very fortunate fans are going to have their Hump Day night made much, much more rocking. Tickets went on sale at noon on May 20, with a two-ticket limit per buyer.

The LA Weekly says the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood may be the lucky spot, but no confirmation has as of yet arrived from the band's people.

If you're there, and you get to enjoy the legends in what will be a highly intimate space, a nook far cozier than a stadium, well, cheers and high fives. That's major in any band's fandom, but especially one that has spent over a half century building cred, affection, and heat.

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