Romance Films at the Norton Simon

"Barefoot in the Park" and "Harold and Maude" are still to come.

Art that surprises? Well, certainly, that is all art, to some extent, though some creators will juxtapose interesting textures and additions to lend a piece further surprising pizzazz. Think of bright blue neon tube wrapped around a classic marble statue or advertising graphics against an Impressionistic landscape.

Likewise, our human lives can also yield surprises, too, and often in the realm of love. The notion of "Unexpected Romance," then, is a perfect and fitting topic for a hallowed art museum to take on, though the Norton Simon Museum of Pasadena isn't pursuing the topic on its gallery walls and garden walkways.

Rather, the museum is presenting a love-themed movie every Friday in February, with "Unexpected Romance" as the theme. On Feb. 10 the snappy "Ball of Fire" from director Howard Hawks'll screen in the museum's theater, while "Barefoot in the Park" plays on Feb. 17 and "Harold & Maude" on Friday, Feb. 24.

If you know these cinematic favorites, you know what the not-predictable, only-delightful relationship is at the center of each tale. With no spoilers, if you want to not know, be jazzed that none take the tried-and-true romcom/romdram route in pairing up its lovebirds (or, if the lovebirds are already paired, in playing out how their relationship goes).

Also jazzy and full of panache? Attending is free with your paid Norton Simon admission; no extra fee is required. Equally as jazzy? You won't need to make a reservation. 

The films roll at 5:30 on each of the Friday nights, meaning you'll be at dinner by 8, ready to discuss the "unexpected" elements of each romance. And how nice surprise can enhance a work of art, like it can make falling in love, and being love, all the more marvelous.

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