Rooftop Cinema Club to Shimmer Again in El Segundo

Wave your popcorn bucket high: The up-in-the-sky series is back in the city at the end of April.

Rooftop Cinema Club

So many films take us to an upper level, a higher realm, a spot made for soaring, both in the physical sense and in an emotional way, too.

And finding those go-higher moments? Happily, you don't have to look too hard.

Those movie moments may be found within "Encanto" (think of Casita's epic staircases, taking characters higher into the magical house), "Jurassic Park" (the helicopter ride, of course, but also the fact that T. Rex stands tall), and "Dirty Dancing" (when Johnny catches and lifts Baby, our shared cinematic soul is a little lifted, too).

But how to experience these iconic works while also occupying an ethereal plane, one that sits above the city, so you can feel like you're Baby, or riding a T. Rex, or exploring the upper reaches of the enchanted "Encanto" abode?

One cinematic solution: Watch one of these gems, while relaxing in a lounge chair, while wearing wireless headphones, on an El Segundo rooftop.

For Rooftop Cinema Club is ready to re-launch its El Segundo location near the end of April, and, oh yay, the three films above are on the upcoming schedule.

As are several other stars, including "Love & Basketball," "Bridesmaids," "Goonies," and a "Grease" sing-along.

The venue is located at 1310 E. Franklin Avenue in El Segundo, you're invited to show early with a picnic, if you like, and family screenings, the kind shimmering earlier in the day?

Those are happening, too, as are before-the-movie lawn games, another family favorite.

If you don't pack snacks, fret not: Concessions are a big part of the movie-watching experience, and Rooftop Cinema Club has nibbles for sale at each screening.

A lounge seat is $19.50, adding popcorn brings your seat and snack to $22.50, and there are a few ticketing tiers beyond those to ponder.

So head up, up, up to this site now, to secure your spring-into-summer cinema experience, one that is ready to flower above El Segundo.

We may not be able to soar as high as the characters we see flying across the silver screen, but we can move closer to the sky when we watch their stories take flight.

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