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Rooftop Cinema Club's Late Summer Line-up Is Film-tastic

Find tried-and-true classics and newer movies at all three LA locations.

Rooftop Cinema Club

What to Know

  • The outdoor film series recently revealed its August and September 2022 schedules
  • DTLA, Arts District, and El Segundo
  • $19.50 lounge seat; $22.50 lounge seat and popcorn; other tiers available

Summer's zenith can arrive at any time, in any way, depending on the summer-loving person who is in a zenith-y frame of mind.

The season's middle point might be considered its true zenith, or maybe its hottest day, or perhaps a food holiday might serve as summertime's ultimate peak, something like National Hot Dog Day (yep, that already occurred for 2022, on July 20).

But settling into a comfy lounge chair, under the night sky, and revisiting a summer film you loved as a teen is its own sort of zazzy zenith, an effervescent evening that's about warmth, joy, and feeling fine as you dip into a fictional tale.

If you're seeking some of that zenith-style energy to up your personal summertime splendor, look to Rooftop Cinema Club, the outdoor movie series that's unspooling on a trio of local rooftops (hence the name) in the weeks ahead.

The organizers recently released the August and September schedules for the El Segundo, Arts District, and DTLA locations, and they are as blockbuster-y as summer line-ups should be.

All eight "Harry Potter" films are playing on July and August weekends, in honor of the boy wizard's birthday. And both "Leo Season" and "Virgo Season" will also be spotlighted, with actors who fall under those star signs shining on the big screen.

And when September arrives?

Eek: Things will get mighty "Hocus Pocus"-y, and "Beetlejuice"-y, too, as the Halloween-esque treats begin to flicker.

(Or would you say "Beetlejuicy" when discussing Tim Burton's beloved 1988 ghost flick? Perhaps this can be a discussion point for you and your pals, as you wait for the film to begin.)

You can book just a lounge or Adirondack chair, but there are some various ticketing tiers to consider, should you want popcorn, too. Wines and craft beers will be for sale, and a themed area made for fun photos?

That's happening, so do wear your Beetlejuicy best. (That is, if you're attending the "Beetlejuice" screening, but, hey, it's always the right time to dress like Beetlejuice in our books.)

Just keep in mind that the schedule will be different for each location, so do doublecheck where you'll need to go for your screening when you book your ticket.

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