Rooftop Cinema Club's New Drive-In Lands in Santa Monica

"Lands" was the clue as to the exact location: The film fun will unfurl at Santa Monica Airport.

Rooftop Cinema Club

What to Know

  • Opens Friday, Nov. 27
  • Prime time screenings are $32 and $45, while matinee screenings are $5, $10, and $30, depending on date and number of guests in a vehicle
  • You're invited to decorate your car at holiday screenings (prizes will be given)

Rooftop Cinema Club, that high-in-the-sky Hollywood/DTLA movie meet-up, has become synonymous with sparkling cinematic offerings, cool treats, a stylish vibe, and big views.

But the warm-weather series, like just about everything else, cancelled its 2020 plans in response to the pandemic.

Now the club is set to return, but not to a Tinseltown rooftop or downtown venue. Rather, it'll glide in for a landing in late November, all to reach solid ground at Santa Monica Airport.

If you're instantly picturing the spacious spread, then you probably know what's coming next: Rather than seating guests in deck chairs as it has in the past, Rooftop Cinema Club is transforming into a pop-up drive-in over several fall-into-winter weeks.

There'll be a lot of holiday fare flickering on the large outdoor screen, but starting it all off?

The "We Love LA" series, which will feature "Clueless," "Pulp Fiction," and a few other famous, locally-loving gems.

And when the holidays come ho, ho, ho-ing into the drive-in, with "Elf," "Home Alone," and other Christmassy classics in tow?

The Rooftop Cinema Club team will break out the decorations to up the oomph.

But the drive-in isn't the only thing that will be wearing its glitter and gewgaws.

"Show up to a screening with your car decked out in twinkly lights, tinsel and any other holiday stylings, or purchase one of the venue's Holiday Car Kits to get in on the decorating fun," shared the people behind the event.

"Rooftop Cinema Club will award prizes for the best car decorations on surprise nights throughout the holiday season."

The drive-in format instantly helps the practice of social distancing, and parking spaces are a generous 10 by 15 feet. But please remember to slip your face covering on if you need to leave your car.

And can you show with your own snacks?

Better buy that pound of peppermint caramel white chocolate candy corn, because you can totally turn up with your own noshes.

The screen? It's a 52-footer, and the movie's audio'll enter your car through your FM radio, making it seem like Buddy the Elf is right there in your front seat.

A dream, for sure.

Ticket prices? That will depend on when you go and how many people are in your car, so definitely put a keen eye to all of the purchase details.

"We are excited to bring the Rooftop Cinema Club experience back to our fans and Angelenos alike in a new and safe way," said Gerry Cottle Jr., owner and founder of Rooftop Cinema Club.

"Though our current venue is not on a Rooftop, we're still committed to creating the ultimate outdoor cinema experience we’re known for."

The whole line-up was just posted on Nov. 12, so peruse everything now.

And keep in mind that local drive-in events have been selling out faster than Santa's sleigh flies, so do save your spot sooner than later at the westside's newest drive-in delight.

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