Rosa's Guava Pie Returns on the Porto's Bake at Home Menu

The dessert, a tribute to Rosa Porto, hasn't been available since the early '90s.

Porto's Bake at Home

What to Know

  • Rosa's Guava Pie returned on April 6, 2021
  • Available on the Porto's Bake at Home menu
  • $19.99 (for 6-8 people to enjoy)

Keeping a jar of guava jam in the refrigerator door, or a few guavas on the counter, or a special pieces of guava candy stashed in your purse?

You're not alone: It's a juicy and joyful treat, one that brims with memories both beautiful and nostalgic.

But what if a nostalgic treat you loved almost three decades ago were to come back in all of its guava-gorgeous glory?

That is exactly what happened on Tuesday, April 6 when Rosa's Guava Pie returned to the Porto's line-up.

Specifically to the Porto's Bake at Home menu, which means this is a treat you'll warm in your own kitchen and enjoy not in a Porto's restaurant but your own abode.

The flavors you remember, though, will be there: Butter puff pastry that takes its airy inspiration from European-style sweets and guava jam made from Rosa Porto's own recipe.

The pie is, of course, a loving tribute to Rosa Porta, the co-founder of Porto's Bakery and Cafe, and to the fruit-deep dishes she adored when first beginning to bake in Cuba.

Betty Porto, Rosa's daughter and Vice President of the company says, "There is nothing more Cuban than guava pastries. We have it on every occasion, at every family gathering, it is a Cuban staple."

"Growing up in Cuba, guava is everywhere, it was one of the fruits accessible to everyone and because of that, I would consider it one of our comfort foods."

It's a treat that was formerly on the menu at both the Glendale-based Porto's Bakery and Cafe as well as the very first Porto's in Echo Park, but, in the early '90s, a guava strudel, made for one person, replaced the lovely and layered sweet.

Now Rosa's Guava Pie has returned, for at-home savoring. It's $19.99, and six to eight people can try a slice, depending, of course, on the sizes of the slices your group prefers.

Good to know? You'll need to order a minimum of two pies. Stow one in the freezer for a special occasion and put one in the oven ASAP is the way to go, is our thought.

Note that it arrives unbaked and fresh-frozen. Details, which are included in your package, will give you the step-by-step on warming this guava-gooey goodie.

Oh yes: And because this is Porto's Bake at Home, Rosa's Guava Pie can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

"Porto's Bake at Home opens up so many opportunities for us to connect directly with our customers both near and far," says Raul Porto, Rosa's son and President of Porto's Bakery.

"We are finally able to bring classic menu staples out of the vault and into the ovens all across the U.S."

"Porto's heritage recipes have a rich history and legacy. It's love sent from our family to yours."

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