Rubber Ducks Race to the Sand, at Huntington Beach Pier

Buy a duckie, drop him off the pier, and help raise funds for AltaMed.

What to Know

  • May 18-20, Huntington Beach Pier
  • The Main Event is on Saturday, May 19
  • Ducks start at $10; free to watch

How quickly can your rubber duck cross your bathtub, from one end to the other?

That's a question that depends on a few important factors. Like, are you in the tub? Or are you leaning over the edge, creating waves with your hands? And are there other toys floating on the bubbly surface, potentially blocking your duck's progress?

Important rubber duck-based questions, yes, but you won't need to take them into consideration on Saturday, May 19 at Huntington Beach Pier.

That's when Duck-A-Thon, a fundraiser for AltaMed Medical and Dental Group, holds its centerpiece event, a photo-fun happening that arrives on the second day of the three-day to-do.

AltaMed helps "... thousands of uninsured and medically underserved patients..." receive the treatment they need, each and every year. So, you bet: That's what you'll be supporting by joining in.

Duck-A-Thon has a few elements worth quacking over, including a wine tasting and vendor festival, but the duck drop, or "Main Event," is, well, the main event for many participants and those who are out at the pier to view the unusual and cheerful sight.

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A sight that includes over 3,000 bright rubber duckies falling into the Pacific and then promptly riding the waves back to shore.

A number of local businesses have donated "event tickets" and "unique experiences," all to provide great prizes to those victorious people who cheer their rubber ducks onto victory, once they've dropped them over the side of the pier.

"The first 60 baby ducks to shore win a prize for their owners," is the good word. And if your duck scores first place? The prize is a thousand dollars.

As for buying a duck? Oh yeah: It's a snap. A baby rubber duck is ten bucks, while a skateboarder-themed duck, and a glitzier collectible duck, are $20 and $30, respectively.

You can absolutely reunite with your duck, whether it nets you a cool prize or not, later in the afternoon, after all the rubber duckies are back on the beach.

Duck-A-Thon, which is sailing into its 26th year in 2018, is raising a quack from May 18 through 20, but to find information on the Main Event, the mondo duck drop, and other need-to-knows, flap your wings and alight upon the info now.

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