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Run, Chewie, Run: ‘Star Wars' Half Marathon

Will C-3PO outpace you?

It isn't all that unusual to see a runner decked out in a tutu and crown breezing alongside you at most runs. Many half-marathons and 5Ks welcome those participants who want to get a bit zany in the costuming department, even going so far as to host contests and prizes.

But spying a gaggle of Stormtroopers making time next to you as you huff 'n puff along? Or a pair of droids? Or five Han Solos, not running solo but together? You must be at the "Star Wars" half marathon, the annual January jaunt through Disneyland Resort and some "surrounding areas."

As with all things from the "Star Wars" universe, this event is bigger than it seems at first glance. (Apply that same viewpoint to the planets of "Star Wars," and Yoda's fierceness, and Luke's bravery, and such.)

How much bigger? The 13.1-mile run is the headliner, but there's a 10K, a 5K, some runs just for the younger "Star Wars" fans, and a "Rebel Challenge" which consists of running both the 10K on Saturday, Jan. 16 and the half marathon on Sunday, Jan. 17. Total length over the two days? You'll hoof it over 19.3 miles.

People really dress up for this one -- like, really super major and other hyperbolic words -- but if wearing a hairy full-body Chewbacca suit won't help you complete those 13.1 miles, throw some Leia-style buns in your hair and keep cool.

The big run's on Sunday, Jan. 17 but the whole weekend 'round the theme park will boast that Rebel vibe. While costumes aren't allowed in the parks for grown-ups, a much written-about recent ruling, you're bound to see a few galactic get-ups roaming around Downtown Disney.

And if your new year's resolution was less about catching "The Force Awakens" a dozen times and more about running some races, check out the three-day Expo happening at the Disneyland Hotel. Health is a theme, and getting out and moving, too, and there isn't a Wookiee or Stormtrooper around who'd argue with the importance of both.

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