Runyon Canyon to (Maybe One Day) Host Zip-Lining

Will you soon be whirring high above the heads of the daily hikers?

Most hike-nice areas, even those snug with densely urban megalopolises, tend to not see a lot of action beyond the happy puffing and huffing of those hikers heading up and down various trails.

However, Runyon Canyon does not fall under the header "most" in any way, shape, and, yes, form. We suppose if you can go from hiking to the heart of Hollywood, without breaking too much of a sweat, then your hiking spot is going to be rather unique.

Absolutely, famous people hike there (and other hikers pointedly ignore them, in the way non-famous SoCalers have perfected over the years).

For sure, random offbeat things show up at the Tinseltown-snug canyon from time to time, like the one-weekend-only valet stand in the fall of 2014. (Did you use it? If so, did it greatly impact your pedometer in the end, which is one of the ultimate Runyon Canyon accessories?)

Next up, possibly: a zip line. The notion that people could be zooming at impressive speeds high above the canyons scrubby brush (and celebrity hikers) caught LAist's eye, and the ear of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council.

The matter of a possible zip line at Runyon was an item on the Wednesday, April 15 agenda. "For discussion purposes only," were the four keywords accompanying the notice.

In California, over-the-vines wine country zip lines, and one near the water on Catalina Island, are vying for the attention of adventurous types, while the pursuit grows in places beyond our state. And the Association for Challenge Course Technology, which is involved in all things zip-line-ia, just hosted its annual conference in Indian Wells in February. 

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Will in-roads -- or in-lines? -- be made within our city? Or is Runyon Canyon better as a hike-focused spot that keeps close to the ground? Stay tuned.

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