Salt & Straw Features Flavors Invented by Local Students

Maple Peanut Butter Brioche French Toast is just one of the tasty selections on the April line-up.

What to Know

  • All April Long
  • Available at all the LA scoop shops
  • Five participating schools

Remember when you were a tot, back in elementary school, and a teacher challenged you to draw the most fanciful rocket, to imagine the weirdest animal, to come up with a machine that could complete 127 different tasks at once?

You were right at it, pencil in hand, busily thinking up the most imaginative outcomes you possibly could.

But while this exercise was essential to our creative growth, rarely did we get to see the fruits of our fancies play out in real life.

Several schoolkids around LA, though, are not only getting to see their ideas take form, but their getting to try them out, as in taste them, in ice cream form, no less. For Salt & Straw, the Portland-started, now-in-LA artisanal ice creamery has created a quintet of flavors based on the ideas dreamt up by the students at five area schools.

Schools that will, you bet, receive a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the ice cream. And, you bet again, each school is located pretty close to one of the scoop shops listed immediately below.

These big-vision'd flavors are available throughout April at all of the Salt & Straws, so, yeah, find your scoop at the original Larchmont location, or Venice, or the Arts District, or Studio City, or West Hollywood.

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As for what flavor to try? The choices are way, way cheerful and speak to the fun ideas of childhood.

There's the Maple Peanut Butter Brioche French Toast, a Larchmont Charter original, or the Mango Chamoy Sorbet, the grand suggestion of Westminster Elementary.

The Mint and Chips, which surprisingly includes pineapple? That came from Carpenter Community Charter, Rainbow Unicorn Galaxy Swirl is the nummy notion submitted by Inner City Arts.

And, finally, be sure to try the Coke Float Caramel Volcano, a whimsical creation from West Hollywood Elementary.

The weather has been warm for April, meaning something cold and sweet is just the ticket.

That the flavor you choose may have hailed from the collective imagination from a group of elementary schoolkids makes it even more ebullient, and reminds us of the creativity we enjoyed as children.

Maybe, even, of the ice cream flavors we dreamed about when we were at the age of dreaming up offbeat candies and desserts and goodies, a common and endearing attribute of childhood.

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