Salt & Straw Ice Cream's July Theme Is Berry Good

The boutique chain celebrates the berry-bursting-est month of the year.

What to Know

  • Salt & Straw locations
  • Through July 2018
  • Birthday Cake & Berries and Chocolate Hazelnut with Strawberries are two of the featured flavors

Call upon the produce aisle, the farmers market, or even a local u-pick place like Underwood Family Farms and you'll see them: Berries so large, or so colorful, or so large and colorful that they seem to have sprung from a berry-dazzling daydream.

Which, you know, is a real daydream, for those people who eagerly antsy about, all year long, for July and its berry delicious ways to arrive.

We're at peak berry right now, in short, but it isn't only the produce pros and farm owners who've noticed: Salt & Straw, that boutique ice-creamery with locations on Larchmont Boulevard, in Venice, and beyond, is devoted the seventh month to the flavor-tart fruit.

A fruit, of course, that comes in several tempting varieties, several of which are reflected in special theme menu at area Salt & Straws.

It's a menu that's only through July, so make for your nearest location, whether that's Venice, Larchmont Boulevard, the Arts District, West Hollywood, or Ventura Boulevard, and order a...

Goat Cheese and Marionberry Habañero: Picture the smoothness of the dairy element with the spikiness of the pepper, mmm. It's all tempered by the jammy sweetness of marionberry.

Birthday Cake and Blackberries: If you're a cakey ice cream eater, through and through, and you dig the sharp sweetness of the blackberry, this is your scoop.

Meyer Lemon Buttermilk with Blueberries: The ultimate citrus-berry match-up? It has to be the lemon and the blueberry. Talk about a complementary twosome. 'Nuff said.

Chocolate Hazelnut with Strawberries: Here's your semi-wintry choice, if you believe that hazelnuts bring a feel of winter with them. The strawberry? It takes the whole scoop right into summertime.

Dough & Co Peanut Butter Cookies & Wild Berry Jam: Like a PB&J, in ice cream form, with a stand-out berry element. Can a sandwich be a true sweet? (Yes, is the answer.)

Don't hem nor haw, lovers of cold scoops and burst-tastic berries. Get to a Salt & Straw at once for this rich and creamy take on July's produce-aisle superstar.

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