Salt & Straw WeHo: Late-Night Happy Hour Begins

Nab an upgrade to a waffle cone, for free, from 9 to 11 p.m. through Labor Day.

Happy Hours are typically associated with drink specials, the kind of beverages shaken/stirred for the 21-and-up set, as well as the fried, salty, cheesy snacks you spear with a toothpick and dip into some variety of creamy sauce.

But let's put aside our previously held notions that the after-work, at-the-bar tradition has to happen A) after work or B) at a bar. Nor does what you're devouring have to be in liquid form, or contain a spirit, or boast a toothpick in the middle.

Salt & Straw West Hollywood is launch a month-long Happy Hour for eaters of artisan-awesome ice cream, and it is doing so with a luscious, money-saving bang: Stop by the 8949 Santa Monica Boulevard shop on Friday, Aug. 4 and score a free scoop in honor of the Happy Hour's big launch.

Live Music Fridays, which'll rock the outside of the shop each Friday from 8 to 10 p.m., also starts on the fourth day of August.

Now, about that Happy Hour: It gets scooping from 9 to 11 each night through Labor Day. Consider this a "late-night Happy Hour," without the libations or cheesy appetizers but with, wait for it, a "waffle cone upgrade," should you request it, a munchable holder in which your fancy scoop may sit.

Waffle. Cone. Upgrade. Maybe you've never said those specific three words, in a row, all together, all at once, but that could soon change.

So if you find yourself pining for something sweet, chocolate-y, fruit-nice, and dessert-summery after dinner wraps and wandering about WeHo? Your waffle cone upgrade awaits, from 9 to 11, each and every night, at the Portland-started, now-in-SoCal shop, through Labor Day.

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Just say the words, aloud, wherever you happen to be right now: waffle cone upgrade. They feel good, they feel right, and they feel like a summer freebie should.

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