Salt & Straw's Sweet and Savory Fourth of July Packs

The boutique ice cream maker is partnering with Olympia Provisions on this enjoy-at-home Independence Day feast.

Salt & Straw

What to Know

  • $75 each
  • Olympia Provisions sausages and Salt & Straw ice creams
  • Three packs to choose from

Learning that an adventurous ice cream-making outfit is incorporating savory tastes in its scoops?

That's not all that unusual nowadays, when bacon bits and cheese crumbles and all sorts of dinner-type bites can end up in the dessert course.

So when you learn that Salt & Straw, the started-in-Portland, now-rocking-SoCal scoop shops are going the savory route for Fourth of July, well, you're not too surprised.

But here's the twist: The heartier, spicier ingredients aren't showing up in the ice cream, as they have been in recent years, but rather in grill-ready comestibles, specifically sausages from Portland's own Olympia Provisions.

For the meat-minded company and Salt & Straw have partnered-up on three take-home, make-on-the-grill party packs tailored to Independence Day celebrations.

The Firecracker Pack, includes both brats and Austrian cheese sausages, as well as a trio of Salt & Straw flavors selected for their Fourth of July flavor.

The cold confections' theme? Think berries, which have long given July 4 festivities a certain fruity flair, from cakes to cookies to pies.

If you're looking for a slightly different spin, but still a to-go pack that has both dinner and dessert elements, check out the Stars, Stripes, and Pints Pack or the Grillin' and Chillin' Pack.

Each pack is priced at $75.

Ready to scoop up your whole Independence Day meal, or most of it, from sausages to ice cream, in one delicious go?

Check out your choices at the Salt & Straw page now.

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