Salty Celebration: National Margarita Day

The lime-laden-iest day of the year happens to be a Saturday.

People tend to put the words "only in..." in front of their city's name quite often, as a way of distinguishing their locale from other places, in a positive way.

We won't pit Los Angeles against another other place, though, because we're a pretty classy city, a region that understands all metropolises possess unique pluses.

But... do we make an excellent margarita here? Of course we do. No use shouting it from the rooftops, because we're all inside enjoying the margaritas in question. Saturday, Feb. 22 happens to be the Day of the Salt Rims, which means that National Margarita Day has arrived.

Do you go straight-up, on the rocks, with salt? Or is there a fruit in your mix? If you're looking for a new libation-laden spot this Feb. 22, why not make for...

Tortilla Republic: Cucumber and lavender have made a liquid showing over the last few years as interesting lemonade ingredients. But they appear together, in sweet symphony, in the Cucumber Lavender Margarita at the West Hollywood Mexican food fave. The cuke is muddle, the lavender is a syrup, the margarita is potent.

Loteria Grill: Margaritas are famously tart -- sometimes cloyingly so -- so a zippier, hotter beverage from this boutique chain, a group with Hollywood and Westlake Village locations, is key. Go for the ginger margarita, or the drink veined with jalapeno kick. Lime and jalapenos work well together on the plate; why not in the glass? 

Hudson House: A hint of Serrano chili in your sip? That's a-ok, if it comes partnered with the coolness of watermelon. That's the pairing in the Hudson House's Spicy Watermelon Margarita, and a good one at that. The only thing to do after enjoying one? Make for the beach, just a short walk away, and take in a sunset.

And... El Torito? The restaurants are marking National Margarita Day with two-buck shots and margaritas all day long. Details? They're right here.

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