San Pedro Public Market Rebrands as ‘West Harbor'

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Studio One Eleven, Rapt Studios
"The bold new visual identity and fresh name reflect the evolution of this pioneering San Pedro-based project; the development has grown substantially from initial plans to reinvigorate the former Ports O’ Call restaurants (a high-yielding commercial hot spot reporting approximately $50 million in gross annual sales), into a modern and vibrant harbor-side entertainment district featuring a broad array of retail, dining, and public attractions unlike any other in Southern California—and beyond."
Studio One Eleven, Rapt Studios
As for what new restaurants will open at West Harbor? Look for a fresh concept from Greg Morena, owner of The Albright, as well as a Gladstone's. Robert Bell, the owner of Mama Terano, will also develop a restaurant and market.
Studio One Eleven, Rapt Studios
A brewery and beer garden are also expected to open, as well as a 6,200-seat amphitheater,
Studio One Eleven, Rapt Studios
"The Port of Los Angeles has invested $95 million in infrastructure support for West Harbor, as seen in the Town Square and waterfront Promenade construction currently under way (with $600 million in overall waterfront improvements made since 2004, and plans to reach $1 billion by 2025). Development and equity partners have guaranteed an additional $35 million, $15 million of which has been utilized to lay the groundwork for the project to date. Groundbreaking for the remainder of the project will begin in 2021, with a public debut in 2022."
Studio One Eleven, Rapt Studios
"West Harbor will be a world-class waterfront destination unlike anything before it, a big new happening for locals and visitors alike," says Wayne Ratkovich, Founder and CEO of The Ratkovich Company. "Our waterfront site now totals 42 acres, something truly unique in Los Angeles. The project inherently offers abundant and dynamic outdoor space and attractive waterfront leasing options, features sought after not only in today’s climate, but also timeless in value. West Harbor and the continued forward movement of this project—together with the progress of AltaSea’s blue tech incubator—are an indicator of big things to come on the LA Waterfront."
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