Sand Meets Snow at a Santa Monica Pier Play Day

End November with a wintry romp near the Pacific.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 30
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Wait list is open

Precipitation is the name of the meteorological game as the eleventh month draws its curtains closed, though hardly anyone around Southern California, at least closer to the ocean, is expecting to see the frosty white stuff.

But frosty white stuff, people shall see, on Saturday, Nov. 30.

That's when a SNOW DAY! flurries onto Santa Monica Pier, and the all-caps attitude, plus exclamation point, is well-warranted.


Because while the pier may be frequently sandy, and sometimes salty, and usually sunny, it doesn't ever see the frozen water we know from higher elevations.

Snow is a go, though, on the final day of November. While reservations have filled up for the free event, there is a waitlist, so get yourself waitlisted now.

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Saying this is the inaugural SNOW DAY! for Santa Monica Pier sounds a tad pompous for such a playful party, but it is true: This is the first-ever festivity of this type at the landmark, and the action will center around the merry-go-round deck.

Real, actual, honestly cold snow will be there, forming a "magical winter wonderland" that spans some 4000 square feet.

Don't flake out if you'd like to see a mountaintop sight just steps from where fishies frolic.

Is this the way to round out a week of wet-a-tude? Finding a whimsical adventure with water that's frozen?

H2Oh yes it is. Waitlist yourself pronto for this cold kick-off of a new Santa Monica Pier tradition.

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