Sangria: Fruit's Cocktail

Are you a sangria buff? Find the tastiest concoctions around town.

Cocktail enthusiasts can argue heartily over what libation is most like a meal.

Is it the Bloody Mary, which has a thick tomato-y base and often comes with celery, olives, radishes, and even the occasional crab claw? Or is egg nog, that oh-so-milky grown-up beverage that can make one feel nicely full after a single serving? Or what of any of the tropical drinks brim with pineapple and cherries?

Those are all indeed like little meals in a glass, but there are few beverages that can stand up to sangria's mighty fruit. If you've ever had a tumbler full of the sweet drink you know two things: It's typically quite red (except when it is white or pink). And there is a lot of apple-pear-citrus action happening in the pitcher and thus your glass.

Like, a whole bunch.

It's a grand drink, and filling, too, so when its national holiday comes back around, we stop and raise a fruit-filled glass. That day is Thursday, Dec. 20, and LA has many a spot that serves the lovely libation all year long. (We mention that last part as sangria is very much a summer staple.)

Here's a tasty trio:

The Lazy Dog, which has a number of Orange County and Inland Empire-close locations, serves the good stuff homemade and by the glass. Flavors include pomegranate red, white peach, and black-currant rose.

Simmzy's in Long Beach also does a peach. Call it a slice of June in your cup.

And Tasca Wine Bar on West Third mixes in a bit of orange juice as well as the red wine and fruit in its signature pitcher.

Where do you take your sangria? Or do you go the old-school route and mix it at home?

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