Santa Brought Belly Rubs and Hope to a California Animal Center

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Helen Woodward Animal Center
"We wish all of our furry friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in their new forever homes and we thank Santa for understanding the importance of rescue," shared the Helen Woodward Animal Center in a Dec. 24 statement.
"In the very early hours of Christmas Eve morning, while the skies were still dark, Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoption Center employees received an emergency call. A deep-voiced man on the opposite line requested a private morning visit to track down some exceptionally important items on his Christmas wish list," said the center.
"It was extremely early," stated Pet Adoption Manager LaBeth Thompson. "We normally can't accommodate these types of special requests, but we could hear jingle bells in the background and the snorts of a big group of reindeer.  We said okay and next thing we knew, a sleigh pulled up."
"I actually specialize in toys," explained Santa. "Pets are a big responsibility and the whole family needs to be involved in the decision to bring home a furry new family member. This year, however, I received more requests for pets than ever before. Then, the letters started coming from the parents giving me the go-ahead. Quite frankly, I think the parents need the joy pets bring just as much as the children.”
"Santa's eyes twinkled as he met with multiple orphan pets to find the perfect one for each request which included an active young dog who likes to explore, a playful kitten who is happy growing up in a small townhouse and a smaller couch-potato pup who is partial to cuddles."
Heartwarmingly, Santa emphasized the importance of finding homes for orphan pets who deserve the gift of a loving home just as much as good girls and boys deserve the love of a pet.
"Dogs and cats are as close as I've ever come to Christmas angels," said Santa Claus. "They give unconditional affection and devotion. Uniting loving families with these beautiful creatures is a gift that lasts their entire life."
Follow the Helen Woodward Animal Center for more on their adoption and fundraising events, or check in with a rescue group in your neighborhood, to see if they have supply needs, a call for volunteers, or, yes, loving animals in need of homes.
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