‘Saur for Universal's ‘Jurassic Park' 25th Anniversary Bash

Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating the raptor-ous quarter century since the hit film roared into our world.

What to Know

  • Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12
  • Film screening, exhibit, costume contest, original props
  • $69

Prior to June 1993, people were pretty darn blithe, if not all-out sunny, about their prospects of never, ever encountering at Tyrannosaurus Rex while on vacation.

Sure, some of the monster movies of the 1950s had depicted dinosaur-human run-ins, but those were, in looking back, a bit kitschy, rather unreal, and not that plausible.

That all changed, 25 years ago.

Let's cut straight to the T. Rex-on-your-tail chase here: "Jurassic Park," the movie, made something rather popcorn-y and over-the-top just a little more scary, and real-world, for millions of rapt viewers.

Viewers who were especially rapt over that raptor scene, right? We'd pause to type "shiver" here, but we're ready to run.

Run not away from the raptor in this scenario but toward the raptors located at Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as the other dinosaurs that call the attraction-filled destination home.

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We're running in the direction of the raptors, why now? Because the theme park is throwing a brontosaurus-sized 25th anniversary bash in honor of the movie's 1993 debut, and so many dino-delightful happenings are on the paleo-riffic schedule it is hard to know in which direction to hiss first.

Wait, did we write "hiss" there? We're still thinking about the raptor scene. 

Coming up at the 25th anniversary party, which will roar on Friday, May 11 through Sunday, May 13?

Plan on "after-hours access" to the park, and an "exclusive film screening," and the chance to eye a host of original props, dinosaur maquettes, the Gyrosphere from "Jurassic World," and an "interactive expo area," too.

Plus? There's a costume contest, too. Here's the first and only question we have: Who *isn't* going to dress as Dr. Ian Malcolm? Please. 

Go Goldblum, everyone. Do it. Make it happen.

Life, uh, finds a way.

And, of course, Jurassic Park: The Ride, which roared into the theme park just about three years after the film's debut, will be open, if you want to scream a lot, admire impish dinos wreaking havoc, scream some more at that iconic final jump, and, yes, become almost lavishly damp, from your head down to your claws. 

Er, feet.

The 25th anniversary celebration is a specially ticketed happening for Universal Studios Hollywood and a sell-out is expected.

Got to get yours? Fly as swiftly as a pterodactyl to this page and buy that admission now. A ticket is $69, to the evening event, but if you want to do a full day at the park, too, there's an option for that, priced at $129.

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