Save and Slurp on These Chowder Day Deals

The steamy, seafood-rich event is happening at all Boudin Bakeries around the Golden State.

Boudin Bakery

What to Know

  • National Clam Chowder Day is on Tuesday, Feb. 25
  • Boudin Bakery is offering free chowder bowls to the first 25 customers in line on Feb. 25 (at each restaurant)
  • The chain also has a BOGO deal all day as well as 50% off for solo diners

Name your favorite national food holiday, from any of the many foodie-fun occasions that show up on the annual calendar, and you probably have some or all of the components in your pantry, right at this very moment.

But National Clam Chowder Day? Which bubbles near the end of February each year, during a time that is traditionally chilly in most parts of the nation (though, no, not in Southern California in 2020)?

That's a rather trickier pick, for most of us do not have a freshly baked bread bowl on hand, a crusty container ready to hold all of the chewy clam goodness and creamy joy.

So we make our way to those places known for having bread bowls on hand, and well-made chowder, too.

Boudin Bakery, with its Bay Area roots and affinity for bread bowl-based perfection, has both, and it is giving guests who stop by any of its California eateries on Feb. 25 a slurpable treat.

Make that treats, as in plural. The first one? If you're among the first 25 people to show up at your local Boudin Bakery on Feb. 25, you'll score a free bowl of clam chowder, in a bread bowl, you betcha.

If you don't get this giveaway, don't clam up about your love for this steamy celebration. There's also a BOGO aspect to the day, meaning you can buy a bowl for yourself and gift your chowder-obsessed buddy a bowl, for free.

And that's dine-in and carry-out, too.

You say you need your alone time when enjoying such a hearty meal? You can go it on your own, to your nearest Boudin Bakery, and have that clam chowder in a bread bowl by yourself, all while knowing you saved 50% off the price.

Knowing the fine print regarding a dining deal? Always wise.

Knowing that Feb. 25 is National Clam Chowder Day? We know you already so knew that. Having a bread bowl on hand, one that's been scooped out, and all of the ingredients for clam chowder?

Rather harder, for a lot of us. So head out and support your favorite chowderhouse, and if that happens to be Boudin Bakery, know you'll be saving money on your chowder order on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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