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Save on Adopting Your ‘Furry Valentine' This Weekend

Find a sweetheart, and pay a discounted adoption fee (or find your fee totally waived), at all six LA Animal Service Centers.


What to Know

  • Feb. 15 and 16
  • All six LA Animal Service Centers
  • Dog and puppy adoption fees discounted; cat adoption fees waived

Heart-shaped cookies that taste like salmon? Fluffy Cupids that squeak when you squeeze them?

Plenty of pets are waking up on the 14th day of February to find something a little festive and chewy next to their water dish or toy basket.

But there are those animals who aren't looking for a new plaything or treat as Valentine's 2020 arrives. Rather, they'd love a home, and a person or people to call their own.

How to connect with the kittens and canines now residing in the six LA Animal Service Centers around Southern California?

By paying a visit to one or more of the locations on Saturday, Feb. 15 or Sunday, Feb. 16 during the My Furry Valentine adoption weekend.

For adoption fees on dogs and puppies will be discounted, while cat adoption fees will be waived, all to grow some love over the love-iest weekend on the calendar.


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The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation is sponsoring this adoption drive, and is the organization responsible for the discounted and waived fees on the dogs, puppies, and cats. And the ASPCA? They're behind the waived fees on kitten adoptions.

Have an abundance of love, affection, and cuddle time to share with a new four-footed friend?

It really isn't about the salmon treats or the brand-new squeaky. Rather, furry valentines bring joy to our lives, and we do the same for our tail-swishing, kiss-giving friends.

Find your next and forever Valentine over Valentine's Weekend, a pal that symbolizes pure love, through and through, every day of the year.

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