‘Saved by the Max' Is Back With Tasty '90s Nostalgia

Order your Bayside Preppy Pack, which includes a burger and other goodies, then pick it up in West Hollywood.

Saved by the Max

We're not saying you didn't already know most of the plots and character arcs and oh-my-gosh twists of "Saved by the Bell" before.

Because you did. You watched the teen-tastic phenom during its 1989-1993 run, and the movies and spin-offs that followed. You watched them when they aired, live, and then you watched them again, on VHS, then DVD, then streaming, too.

But if you've spent some time revisiting the series for the umpteenth time during 2020, then you've probably reached ultimate Bell-a-tude, meaning you're a SBTB maven to the max.

There's a Max-d-out pop-up for people who really dig the enduring series, which kept a comedy vibe even though as became known for exploring a host of important, adolescent-urgent issues.

It's Saved by the Max, a special, limited-time happening that called upon Los Angeles a couple of times over the last few years. It's set to return to West Hollywood, from Aug. 20-25, and while it won't have an inside experience like previous iterations, you can pick up a Bayside Preppy Pack to go.

What's in it?

It includes " ...a world famous Bayside Burger + Home of The Tigers Tater Tots & special SBTB Day 2020 commemorative item."

And there are add-ons, too, like desserts and non-alcoholic beverages, so be sure to peruse all of your choices as studiously as a Bayside student prepped for a test.

You'll want to order your pack ahead, and pick your pick-up time, but quantities are limited, so best do so soon. There is also outdoor seating at the pop-up's location, if you choose to eat your burger there.

Stoked for the upcoming reboot?

Then best take a burger-tasty walk down memory lane before the newest "Bell" starts to ring. You can do so, from Aug. 20-25, as a pop culture favorite returns to West Hollywood, all to celebrate National 'Saved by the Bell' Day.

Which is, yes, the day the show first premiered in 1989: Aug. 20.

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