Savor Briny Bites on National Oyster Day

Both The Albright and Raw Bar by Slapfish will offer oysters for a dollar apiece on the salty holiday, which cracks open on Aug. 5.

The Albright

What to Know

  • Aug. 5 is National Oyster Day
  • The Albright in Santa Monica and Raw Bar by Slapfish in Huntington Beach will have $1 oysters for people dining on their outdoor patios
  • Roxy & Jo's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar just debuted at the Original Farmers Market

A briny bouquet of oyster-themed festivals popping up during the hottest days of summertime?

Well, shucks: You're going to see quite a few, if you're in the beach towns and ocean burgs of the Golden State.

But 2020 has meant that oyster festivals, like all food festivals, are looking to 2021 dates due to the pandemic.

Which means fans of brine-tasty bliss, the people that love a salty rush of pure seafood-forward flavor, have likely not sought out delicious oysters like they have in the past.

There are ways, though, to find an oyster or two or six or ten on Aug. 5, which is the perfectly timed national holiday devoted to oyster eating.

Plenty of beach-close restaurants, up and down the coast, are serving shuck-ready bivalves in socially distanced outdoor areas, on Aug. 5 and every other day, too.

And here in Los Angeles? A few places with the same sort of airy alfresco dining rooms are doing the same on Aug. 5.

But with a twist: Oysters will be a dollar each at The Albright at Santa Monica Pier.

The deal is available when you order at the restaurant's counter, and you can find a place to sit, and savor those beach breezes, while you eat your oysters outdoors with the ocean extremely nearby.

If you're near Raw Bar by Slapfish on Aug. 5?

Stop by the Huntington Beach seafooderie from noon to 9 p.m. for your dollar-an-oyster deal. And if you order a dozen? A glass of Champagne is included, which the restaurant recommends sipping on the outdoor patio.

And should be seeking something fresh in the oyster realm, the brand-new Roxy & Jo's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar just opened on the East Patio at the Original Farmers Market at the end of July 2020.

You'll find your raw oyster-based cravings met there, but there are plenty of choices awaiting the squeeze of a lemon, including Scottish salmon, Dover sole, and whole lobster, too.

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