Savor New Cool Treats Made for Warm October Afternoons

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams has ice cream with a kick while Magnolia Bakery is the spot for vegan banana pudding.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams/Magnolia Bakery

What to Know

  • McConnell's Fine Ice Creams partnered with Red Clay on a seasonal (and spicy) treat laden with Red Clay's Hot-Hot Honey: Hot Honey Buttered Rum
  • Magnolia Bakery has a limited-time banana pudding through Oct. 26
  • The pudding is $12 for a medium cup; find it at the West Third shop

We're nearly at October's final chapter, the time when we'd love to be swaddled in sweaters and breaking out the scarves we haven't seen since March.

And yet?

The forecast has other plans for our scarves (on the shelf, they must stay) and swaddling in any warm item of clothing? Not really recommended in the daytime, as least not while we're facing a fresh run of toasty temperatures.

So the timing on two new limited-time treats, goodies that are enjoying a fall-fun run, couldn't be better if you're seeking a sweet with a cooler vibe.

Well, make that "cooler-ish": The latest flavor from McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, the iconic Santa Barbara ice creamery that now has locations around Southern California, does boast some bite, or kick, if you prefer, thanks to the inclusion of Red Clay's Hot-Hot Honey.

The Hot Honey Buttered Rum ice cream — it is "spiked" with rum — includes a "seasonal sensation of cinnamon, nutmeg, McConnell’s house-baked speculoos cookies" and the aforementioned honey, which brings an intensity not normally found in frosty offerings.

So call it a cool treat with a hot dimension, one that might be ideal for this in-between time of brisk nights and warm afternoons.

And for fans of the beloved banana pudding made at Magnolia Bakery on West Third? There's something new in the case, but only through Oct. 26: A vegan version of the gooey goodie.

The cost is $12 for a medium cup (the specialty's sole size).

Soon we'll be back to our heated hankerings, the hefty, rib-sticking sweets that have some inner heat. But while summer makes another cameo — or at least the weather we associated with summer — we're looking to kicky scoops and vegan puddings to keep us chilled and cheery.

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