Savor Santa Ana: 40+ Local Gems

Grab a map and nosh upon gourmet goodies around the thriving district.

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Brian Fenizimer/Savor Santa Ana

Stopping for supper in Santa Ana?

Chances are you'll just eat at one restaurant, or maybe two, if you decide to find dessert after your main meal. Might you do three? You might, if you and your cadre choose to arrive early for an appetizer or drink at an eatery that's different from where you plan to have your main meal.

And even as you dine at one or two or three places, you know that you're close to a caboodle of other suppable spots, the kind of interesting restaurants that brim with a host of bites you probably should try.

But how does one try them all, or the majority of places, in one evening? Savor Santa Ana is the easy answer, a walk-around, taste-around happening on Thursday, Sept. 14. It's the anticipated, once-a-year outing that gives those dine-outers a chance to sweep wide, and sweep deliciously, around the ever-burgeoning district.

Spend a tenner and get five tasting tickets, tickets that will be accepted at the 40 or so participating restaurants, including Blackmarket Bakery, Sweet Mission Cookie, Jinny's Pizzeria, East End Kitchens, Rasoi Curry Point, and Hector's on Broadway.

Tickets are available online or there, which has you covered in all the possible ticket-seeking ways.

The hours are nicely after-work-y, and not too late-into-the-evening-y, meaning if you're in the highly walkable area from 5 to 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 14, you're right in the sweetest of spots, time-wise.

Time-wise, you'll also want to make space for a trolley ride, and some live tunes, and the chance to chat up the food-minded visionaries who are bringing the good vibes and talked-about culinary advances to the up-and-up area.

The last time you ate around downtown Santa Ana, was it at one location? Or maybe two? You can multiply those numbers, by a lot, on Sept. 14, thanks to Savor Santa Ana.

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