Say ‘Farewell' (for Now) to The Donut Man's Strawberry Treats

Those famous confections are in the final days of their annual season. Where to find them? At the original Glendora shop and in DTLA.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Glendora and Grand Central Market in DTLA
  • Seasonal strawberry doughnuts are on the shelves from February through to October, typically
  • Pumpkin doughnuts are fall favorites at both shops

The strawberry is a juicy, seed-flecked, taste-big wonder that combines well with all sorts of other fruits, flavors, sweets, and even savory tastes.

You'll find these creative combinations, from strawberry-chocolate to strawberry-kiwi, in pies, ice creams, drinks, and more.

You could pay pumpkin the same compliment, for that's another fruit that has many cozy combo companions, from caramel to vanilla.

But finding a strawberry-pumpkin combo?

Yeah, that mostly never happens, but there is a solution: Purchase The Donut Man's ultra-famous strawberry doughnut, which is traditionally available for a number of October days, and buy a delightful Donut Man pumpkin doughnut, too.

Then take a bite of one, then the other, and see if fruit combo enthusiasts have been missing out on a true taste sensation.

You'll need to perform this appetizing experiment soon, however, for The Donut Man's most beloved offering is about to disappear from shelves, for strawberry season is coming to a close.

The announcement was made on The Donut Man's social pages on Oct. 13, with the proclamation that there was a week to go for the popular strawberry doughnuts.

It won't disappear forever, however: This obsessed-over goodie typically returns each February.

Of course, you only need purchase a strawberry doughnut, and not a pumpkin pastry, although those are also quite popular as Halloween draws near.

But if you are curious about whether this is a duo that might be delicious together, now is the moment to find out, when both seasonal doughnuts are in The Donut Man's cases.

We did say "cases," as in plural, for there are two locations: The historic Glendora shop, on Route 66, and the still-new DTLA destination, at Grand Central Market.

Don't hesitate, though: There are only a couple of days to go on strawberry doughnuts, and then, once they disappear?

You'll need to wait for the mid-winter to savor them again.

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