Scenic View Chairlift Rides Return to Snow Valley

Summer is on the wind at Running Springs, with the May 21 return of both the high-in-the-sky chairlift and lift-served downhill mountain biking.

Snow Valley

What to Know

  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs
  • Scenic chairlift rides and downhill mountain biking open on May 21
  • Fridays-Mondays, May 21-Sept. 6, 2021

The summer solstice shimmers into our summer-loving spheres on the evening of June 20 in 2021, but, of course, there's more to the story.

The "more" we're referring to here?

Summer lovers are famous for wanting to get a joyful jump on the sunshine-laden season, which is why we sometimes think of summer as sort-of-kind-of beginning around the end of May.

Unofficially, of course, but in our hearts? Summer has started, and all of its quintessential pleasures, too.

One Southern California spot is ready to support the annual practice of jumpstarting summertime, that time-honored practice of stirring up the summer feels well ahead of the solstice: It's Snow Valley Mountain Resort, which is kicking off its traditional summer fun times on Friday, May 21.

Those include the opening of Scenic View Chairlift Rides, our region's "only six-person" chairlift, on Friday, May 21.

The high-in-the-sky conveyance gives riders vast views of the chaparral-gorgeous San Bernardino National Forest, and a way to enjoy cooler days when afternoons grow toastier in Southern California's non-mountainous areas.

And is that marvelous Mount San Gorgonio in the distance, the highest peak in Southern California? It is, but there may be other sights to see beyond the massive mountain, including the occasional bald eagle or bighorn sheep.

You'll have some time to look around, too: The chairlift takes riders over a 3/4 of a mile, distance-wise.

Note that the scenic chairlift is only running on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, during specific hours, so check out the important info before heading up to the resort.

Something sweet: There are later chairlift hours on Fridays, meaning you can take a twilight ride, if that tempts.

Lift-served downhilll mountain biking also zips back into the Snow Valley scene on May 21, and there are plenty of places to hike, too.

Plan on heading up a few times over the summer, to enjoy both biking and the chairlift? There's a pass for that, or passes, so eye the prices for adults and kids.

Want to see what's happening around Snow Valley before heading up? Or do you simply want to admire the junipers, oaks, and big skies of the destination?

Let the live mountain cams transport you there now, as you dream of getting summer started weeks ahead of the solstice.

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