Scintillating Pop-ups to Festoon ArtNight Pasadena

Several creative happenings, from theater to music to performance, will rise in Rose City.

Alistair Berg/ArtNight Pasadena

April is always a gift, that cool-to-hot, warm-to-chilly, flowery-to-breezy, soft-of-sun-bright-of-moonlight rhapsody, and deciding how to send the month off can be a cheerful challenge.

You obviously want to be outside, at least a little bit, and you totally want to find an uplifting happening that will make your heart soar and your mind wider, because those are April-y type longings, and food trucks?

Those can be helpful, too, if you have plenty to do and want to nosh on the go.

Good news: The free, free, oh-so-free ArtNight Pasadena is here to help us bid a festive farewell to the fourth month.

Art is the main focus of the long-running cultural celebration (the event's name implies that, yes), but that theme will flower in so many of its fantastical forms, from live painting, displayed photographs, musical performances, and radio plays, too.

These good-for-the-soul goodies will dot the historic core of the Crown City, with events, exhibits, and must-sees popping up at the Gamble House, the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena City Hall, and Parsons Nose Theater on Friday, April 29.

But the joy extends well beyond Old Pasadena, into other vibrant parts of the city: Pasadena City College is playing a vital role in the event, with the Annual Student Scholarship Exhibition, while Art Center College of Design will present a virtual program featuring "Border-Ball: A 40-day Pilgrimage Along the U.S.-Mexico Border."

Theatre Americana is mi-mi-mi-ing at Pasadena City Hall for "Spring Wing Ding — or Hop til You Drop," a musical treat, and the aforementioned food trucks? You can take a look at what on-the-roll restaurant will be parked where, before plotting out your evening.

An important piece of information to know in advance of all of this brain-expanding cultural feastiness?

There will be free shuttles during ArtNight Pasadena, but they'll be limited.

Looking into which spots you can move between without requiring a vehicle? This is probably a solid idea.

There are 15 lively locations in all, and a pair of places offering virtual presentations. The full roster? Find your creative-cool Friday night go-out, on April's penultimate evening, right here.

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