Score a Free See's Lolly on National Lollipop Day

The iconic suckers come in four classic flavors, so best start deciding now which you'll choose on July 20.

What to Know

  • Friday, July 20
  • See's Candies shops
  • Get a free vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, or coffee lollipop

Now, we're not suckers. No we are most certainly not.

For instance, we know that while a whole bunch of us regularly eat a lot of tacos on Tuesdays, well, tacos may be enjoyed on any day of the week. And thank goodness.

Likewise, Sundays see a rise in pancake consumption, but, again, flapjacks can be made, then devoured, on weekends and weekdays alike.

But isn't Friday the day when we long for something from the lollipop category? When we dream of a sweet that's straight-up fun, a non-melty dessert on a stick, a candy that qualifies as the most Friday-ish of all indulgences?

It so happens that 2018 agrees with us, for National Lollipop Day, which is July 20, will fall on a Friday, hurrah.

But the hurrah-ing doesn't end there: See's Candies, that quintessential California-grown maker of gooey, nut-filled, chocolate-enrobed confections, will be hosting a lollipop giveaway in honor of the occasion.

There's a quartet of lolly flavors, which you know, if you've been going to See's since you were yea-high, so get to thinking which you'd like, for free, when you pop by your local See's on Friday, July 20: vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, or coffee.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, and might we add, mmm.

And if you really know these iconic stick-topping sweets, you know that See's goes the rectangular route, or boxy, if you prefer, which does the See's lollipop one better: You can fathom what you're eating by its very shape, in addition to its taste.

Start here, See's devotees, and lovers of lollies, and fans of Fridays, to find out more on this goodie giveaway.

It's a real whimsy-filled week-ender, and while we can have a lollypop on any day of the week — we're not suckers, we know that's true — the final weekday feels like the exact right time to enjoy a lickable, flavor-big freebie.

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