Scrunchie-up, SoCal, for NostalgiaCon

The new all-'80s convention will shower the Anaheim Convention Center in a rain of neon-hued pop culture.

What to Know

  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • July 4-6, 2019
  • Pre-sale begins in January

Compelling arguments can be made on behalf of every decade from the last hundred years or so, as to why that particular decade holds the most modern-day sway over our collective imagination.

The 1920s had flapper fabulousness, the '50s were as sock-hop-y as decades come, but let's be real: No other decade is as large and in charge as the 1980s.

It was, in fact, a totally tubular time, in so many entertaining ways.

There hasn't been a contender yet that's ably tried to snatch the big-big-big era's crown, a trophy that the '80s ably earned in the categories of clothing outlandishness, neon over-the-top-a-tude, weird fads, and synth-tastic soundtracks.

And boulder-sized shoulder pads, of course.

Obviously such a rad time deserves its own mega convention, and the 1980s are about to get one, in Anaheim, over the first weekend of July 2019.

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NostalgiaCon is set to celebrate all aspects of '80s pop culture over three jam-packed days, with spotlights on "... music, fashion, sports, video games, toys..." and lots more.

Concerts by "top music acts" will take to the stage, and oodles of iconic actors will appear, including the terrific Matt Frewer.

Oh yes, Max Headroom himself will be in the h-h-h-house, and if you wanted a more quintessential expression of ultimate '80s-flavored amazingness, you couldn't possibly find it.

Merchandise, so many wearables and collectibles, will be for sale, all to help convention goers let the world know where their decade-based allegiances are placed. 

And will there be a break dance showdown? Please. You don't throw an '80s convention without a whole bunch of popping and a huge number of heelspins.

Passes, which will include one-day entries as well as three-day and VIP choices, will be available in January, when the pre-sale kicks off.

Don't have a cow, though, if you can't make the Anaheim Convention Center from July 4-6, 2019; another NostalgiaCon will rise elsewhere in the country, at some point.

But, as of now, Anaheim is the first, and only, place to get your '80s on. So roll up those acid-wash jeans, slip into your favorite pair of jellies, and tune up the flux capacitor for this mega flashback, throwback festival.

Are the '80s the greatest decade of all? Well, no duh. 

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