Sea Scare at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Find your favorite ocean-eerie outfit and don it for this family-cute bash.

To grunion or not to grunion?

That will be an important question for costume seekers planning on attending Sea Scare, the ocean-awesome Halloween party at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.

Immediately, if you know your wriggly, sand-spawning silversides fish, you'll ponder where you can buy shimmery silver fabric, the kind of material that can catch the moonlight.

You might need some fins, too, to complete the look, and some swell gills, too.

That said, you and your tots are invited to wear whatever costume you like, whether it is associated with the ocean or not.

Sea Scare isn't just about showing off your costume, though. There are 13 treat stations to visit around the aquatic destination, as well as a treasure hunt, "creepy crafts" of the bio-luminescent kind, and "dreadful demonstrations" to enjoy, too.

And do you dare enter the haunted maze? Or call upon the haunted boardwalk to try your fin, er, your hand at a carnival game? Or learn how to shake it, zombie-style, at the Sea Scare Party Zone? Prediction: You do dare.

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The eveningtime event gurgles on Saturday, Oct. 28. An adult ticket is $7, a kid ticket is $3, and food trucks'll be nearby, in case you didn't have time to make dinner while making your shiny, fin-rocking grunion costume.

It's true that Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is very much associated with the grunion in many Southern Californians' minds, thanks to its multi-night Meet the Grunion events each spring and summer, but its programs and exhibits celebrate a sizable swath of oceanic denizens.

So if your kids want to dress as a shark or crab, glub glub (which translates as "go for it").

Or if your tots choose a terrestrial costume, like a ghost or a bat, that is a-okay, too. (Though are ghosts and bats truly terrestrial or more of the air? Discuss.)

If Halloween is a favorite holiday, and an aquarium is a favorite place to be, swim for Cabrillo Marine Aquarium on October's final Saturday for the glub-glub-iest soiree on the not-so-creepy calendar.

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