Palos Verdes Peninsula

See South Coast Botanic Garden's ‘Diabolical' Display, if You Dare

Get to know some of the "misunderstood" plants of the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination.

What to Know

  • South Coast Botanic Garden at 26300 Crenshaw Boulevard, Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • "All Things Wicked & Wonderful" is on view through Nov. 20
  • Included with garden admission; Spider Pavilion entry is additional

Literature is full of leafy villains, those plants that possess a poisonous reputation.

But shining some light on these shady superstars can help gardeners and lovers of gorgeous plots to appreciate this not-so-approachable slice of nature, the flowers that feel a little fearsome and the stalks that stalk our scary stories.

And helping to demystify some of the garden's more ghoulish residents? It's South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Peninsula, a destination that both delights with beauty and educates visitors on all sorts of plant-centered subjects.

Beauty and learning weave together, like so many whimsical vines, in "Diabolical and Misunderstood Plantings in the Garden Graveyard," a fascinating plant-packed display that's on view at the 87-acre expanse through Sunday, Nov. 20.

True, this eerie sight seems like the sort of offering that might have gone poof! after Halloween concluded. But it is lingering on, in a lovely and not-so-fearsome fashion, for a few more weeks.

After all, fall isn't done, and it is in the quiet of autumn when we often ponder some of these eerier topics, where there is a lot of learning still to do, even for the most enthusiastic gardener.

"While many of these plants are maligned for being toxic or deadly, it's not always the case," shares South Coast Botanic Garden.

Venus flytraps, dahlias, oleander, and other showy specimens, both common and rare, are playing memorable parts in the seasonal outdoor attraction.

It's an attraction near the garden's limited-time Spider Pavilion, which is on view through the end of November.

Do note that while viewing "Diabolical and Misunderstood Plantings in the Garden Graveyard" is part of your admission ticket, there is an additional fee to enter the spidery space.

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