Seeking the Offbeat Treats and Sweets of Thanksgiving

Pie is perfect, but cakes lush with olive oil, pumpkin taiyaki, and Thanksgiving doughnuts hit the seasonal spot.

Little House Confections/Destroyer/Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Pumpkin spice olive oil cake at Little House Confections
  • Pumpkin taiyaki at Destroyer
  • Thanksgiving doughnuts at Randy's Donuts and

While Valentine's Day has its chocolates, chocolate mousses, and fancy desserts à deux, and Halloween boasts a hundred different candies, the sorts of bitty bites that fit perfectly in a pumpkin-shaped plastic bucket, the goodies of Thanksgiving cleave pretty closely to the pie shelf.

And who would dare question this luscious and longstanding way of things?

We certainly would not, for pie has proven to be a satisfying meal ender for millions, a creamy complement to turkey, stuffing, and all the traditional trimmings.

But it turns out that the noshiest November occasion isn't solely beholden to the pie plate, for newer and funkier treats are making their sweet stand.

Little House Confections, the West Third Street home of the "bomb ass olive oil cakes," has created The Most Bomb Pumpkin Spice Cake You've Ever Had.

Indeed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a main component, but cinnamon, orange zest, and other ingredients give it plenty of autumnal oomph.

Could this replace the pecan pie on your T Day table? It's starts at $32 for a 6-inch cake.

Destroyer in Culver City is baking several delectable holiday desserts in 2020, with Wild Blackberry and Dried Peach Cobbler a tempting menu star.

But if you're seeking something a bit fanciful for your after-dinner spread, consider the Pumpkin Taiyaki. The taiyaki is an adorable cake shaped like a little fish, making this dessert a visual treat, too.

And at Randy's Donuts? Oh, hello: Reese's Pieces add fall color to the tops of the chain's annual Thanksgiving Doughnuts, which come in both glazed and chocolate.

They're only available from Nov. 23-29, and they're $2.80 each.

If you're seeking a pumpkin spin on a raised morningtime munchie, look to The Donut Man, where pumpkin cream doughnuts are now in the cases, but only for a little while longer.

Find yours in Glendora or at the beloved shop's newest location at Grand Central Market.

Could you end Thanksgiving 2020 with doughnuts rather than pie?

Or doughnuts plus pie?

It's definitely a different year, and enjoying what you like, and the people in your household love, is a most excellent idea.

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