Shake It at a Zoo-Cool Silent Disco

The popular 21+ series has only three more 2019 evenings to go.

What to Know

  • Friday, July 19
  • 21+
  • $21 nonmembers; $16 members

A zoo, as a rule, isn't the quietest of places.

There are snorts and growlers and chirps and grunts and caws, sometimes all at once, creating a wildlife-lovely cacophony that can send a human visitor's ear tilting in all directions, the better to soak up the aural splendor.

But sometimes, at a large animal park, after the resident growlers and grunters have gone to bed, a person has the chance to don a pair of headphones and shake it, even though, to an outside observer, there's no sound at all in the environment.

There is music, however, inside those wearable sneakers, creating the contemporary concept of a silent disco. And a silent disco shall pop up, with style and groove-ready hits, at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens on Friday, July 19.

For that's when the second Roaring Nights of the season will dance into the animal park, bringing an interesting combination of ways to consume cool sounds.

Live music, of the '80s variety, is on the docket (Fast Times will be on stage), as are DJ-spun tunes, too.

And, yes, there shall be a HUSH silent disco, so you may see people swaying on a seemingly quiet dance floor. Perhaps you'll even be among the headphone-happy revelers, people who've entered their own wonderful world for a few minutes of dance-fun pleasure.

Roaring Nights is solely for the 21+ set, a rather unusual focus when it comes to any zoo. But giving the spirited sips and adult vibe of the evening, it is, indeed, a party made just for grown-up growlers and grunters.

Well, maybe we humans don't growl and grunt as much as the zoo's beasties, but at the end of a long week many of us can find ourselves in quite a growly, grunt-ready mindset.

Which means a visit to Roaring Nights is probably just the ticket.

There are only four a year, and this is night #2, so be sure to swing by to de-grunt, de-growl, and get your silent disco delight on in a place that's not usually too silent.

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