Shake Shack Celebrates the Dodgers With a Creamy Deal

Spend twenty bucks on burgers, fries, and other fun foodstuffs, and score a complimentary shake. The code you'll need? CHAMPS, of course.

Cheyenne Cohen/Shake Shack

What to Know

  • "All LA Shake Shacks," good through Oct. 30, 2020
  • Spend $20 on burgers, fries, and food and enjoy a free shake
  • CHAMPS is the code; use the Shake Shack app

You totally went through all of your Dodgers doughnuts by the second game, and the Dodger Dogs you recreated in your own kitchen? Those were totally gone by game #3.

It's easy to devour baseball-inspired snacks while you're watching your team slide for ultimate victory, for nothing stokes the appetite like seeing your favorite player go up to bat.

But what do you do the day after that ultimate victory arrives, when your baseball bites are gone and you're definitely in the mood for celebratory snacking?

Shake Shack has the appetizing answer, and a gooey giveaway, too. Swing by your local SoCal-based burger joint through Friday, Oct. 30, spend twenty bucks or more on food, and score a free shake.

Those famous shakes come in a host of flavors, including classics like vanilla, but, oh happy fall, there's a pumpkin one, too.

But wait: You'll need the code. It's CHAMPS, which makes total and terrific sense, thanks to amazing show by our local champions.

Important? You'll need to go through the Shake Shack app to get the deal. There's some other fine print, so read all in the app before stopping by your go-to spot.

As for the newest Shake Shack in Southern California?

It just opened on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, in the earlier part of October.

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