Shake Shack: Special Burger Fundraiser

Visit the West Hollywood and Hollywood locations, on specific dates, for rare-to-get burgers.

Shake Shack

Frequent dine-outers around our region remain full of curiosity, zest, and a willingness to be bewitched, delighted, and surprised.

And yet? Those who love to try new food joints on the regular can sometimes expect there to be a secret menu, or at least a few special, unlisted items that must be known about, in advance, to be ordered.

We're not so blasé, though, that secret menus and "this weekend only" edibles don't continue to intrigue.

Take the ever-busy Shake Shack, which is partnering with NoMad for a few days of incredibly savory, very cheese-laden-esque, get-it-now food-makery.

The dates for the tummy-tempting pairing? Friday, March 3 through Sunday, March 5. 

There are some must-knows, starting with the not-so-secret special items: The Humm Burger, a favorite seen in 2014, is returning to the West Hollywood Shake Shack on Friday, March 3 and the chain's Hollywood outpost on Saturday, March 4. 

Gruyère is the cheese, celery relish makes a cameo, and applewood smoked bacon is there to further deepen the flavor. 

There's also the Patty Shack, the burger-porium's spin on "...NoMad's famous chicken burger." It includes gruyère, yep, and ShackSauce, and a bevy of other appetizing additions. 

Find it at the NoMad Truck at the Alameda Produce Market downtown on Sunday, March 5. (Update: Look also for the NoMad truck outside of the WeHo Shake Shack on March 3 and the Hollywood Shake Shack on March 4.)

Just to be sure, and because we do take our burgers, burger-locating, and burger-devouring so seriously in Southern California, we enthusiastically implore you to review dates, locations, and the specific dishes, to make 100% sure you are where you think you are for the right bite you seek.

Promise you'll double-check? Thank you.

The beneficiary of this heart-warming, working-together/creating-together meet-up?

Chrysalis, which helps homeless and low-income individuals "...on a pathway to self-sufficiency," will receive part of the weekend's proceeds.

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