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Shake Shack's Summer Camp Box Has Activities Aplenty

Find keep-busy pursuits inside the Shack Camp Box, plus money-saving offers, too.

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What to Know

  • $79 (order at
  • A number of activities are inside, as well as Shake Shack offers and deals
  • Campers can follow along on Shake Shack's social media, for tips and inspiration, starting on July 13


Longtime practitioners would call it a state of mind, a way of living, a song of the heart.

But practically, in the real world? It is an activity-filled adventure, one that builds skills, provides entertainment, inspiration, and education, helps group bonding, and keeps youngsters engaged and happy.

To help all of those things grow and flourish, and to help all of those things happen at home over the summer of 2020, Shake Shack just devised Shake Camp.

Nope, you don't need to go to your local burger restaurant to participate, but you will want to order the Shake Camp box, which is full of jump-starts and get-goings, in terms of helping kids launch a classic camp activity.

Those activities include learning to tell scary stories, how to stage a Field Day, and the Lemonade Stand 101.

But families won't be doing all of these things on their on at home; Shake Shack's social channels will serve as a guide to the activities, starting on July 13.

"All Campers have to do to participate is purchase our Shack Camp Box and follow along on Shake Shack’s social channels. The box includes everything you need for six weeks’ worth of activities and programming for the family," revealed the team behind the camp.

Adding to the tastiness of this quirky camp experience? There are "exclusive offers and promotions" inside the box, so hang onto those for future Shake Shack orders.

Camp's truest character is about connecting and uplifting others, and that's what the company is doing right now.

"As part of our mission to Stand for Something Good, the campaign will be supporting Fresh Air Fund’s  virtual summer program," shared Shake Shack.

"To help the thousands of NYC inner city kids whose summer camp was impacted by COVID, Shake Shack and our partners – shout out to Uber Eats, OREO Cookies and Goldbelly – are collectively pledging $75,000 to the Fresh Air Fund’s Fresh Air Everywhere” 2020 virtual summer program for children ages 7-13."

To order your Shack Camp Box, just row your boat to this site.

No cheer routines, craft displays, or talent shows required for purchase, though if you'd like to cheer or sing as you place your order, by all means campers, please do so.

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