Share Your Aquarium Stories, in Honor of Its Big 20th

The Long Beach favorite is readying for a milestone birthday, and it needs your happy help.

What to Know

  • AotP in LBC is looking for visitor memories and photos
  • Through May 1, 2018
  • The aquarium will share several on social media

The scene: You're at a birthday party, the kind of bash that's marking a milestone-y occasion, as in a birthday falling on a decade year, and... absolutely no one breaks out any photo albums, or slide projectors, or, at the very least, a phone-based photograph or two.

Unlikely? Totally. 

For big birthdays and photographic evidence of the birthday-haver's past are a tighter twosome than big birthdays and cake (though, yeah, that's a solid pairing, too).

Such is the case with major institutions, or many of them, at least, and the Aquarium of the Pacific is very much on deck in 2018.

The Long Beach favorite, known for its top-notch research, its whale-watching outings, its comprehensive exhibits, its Blue Cavern tank, its lorikeets, its Shark Lagoon, and its giant blue whale model, the one hanging high in the foyer, is turning 20 on the 20th of June, and it is asking fans to be a part of the sea-lebration.

Really now. Like we weren't going to type "sea"-lebration instead of celebration. As if there were even a chance of that.

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So how to give a friendly assist to the aquarium if you're a longtime or brand-new fan? By sharing a story on this page, or a photo, one that depicts a memorable moment you enjoyed at the fish-filled wonderland.

Did you touch a shark there for the first time? Is there an enchanting photo of your kid peering into the jellyfish tank? Did you capture a crab on the move (on film, of course)?

Tell your tale, or upload your pic, all by May 1, 2018, and hooray: The Aquarium of the Pacific may share your anecdote on social media ahead of its Junetime anniversary, with credit to you.

It's just a sweet way to support a science-cool, seahorse-pretty, turtle-tastic institution, and to build out its committed community a little further. There are major changes ahead for the aquarium, but, for now, let's look back at the fun times, and snaps, shared by visitors.

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