Santa Monica Pier

Share Your Story and Help Santa Monica Pier Fête ‘A Month of Love'

Does your tale o' romance involve the famous landmark? You words or photos might be featured in an art installation at the Carousel building.

Grant Faint

What to Know

  • Dear Pier: A Month of Love
  • The Santa Monica Pier team is collecting real-life tales of love and friendship for an art installation inside the Carousel building; photos are also welcome
  • The installation will be on view in February 2023

Picturesque ocean-close locations and lovey-dovey feelings are a duo that has truly weathered the decades.

There's something to the salty air, and the soft sunshine, and the fact that you can hold your honeybun close as you ride the Pacific Wheel or share a cold and creamy malted.

And handing your one-and-only an oversized stuffed animal you won while playing Skee ball or another old-timey boardwalk game? That's a scene so gooey that it has been immortalized in countless romance novels and films.

If you and your sweetheart enjoyed some of these heart-tugging moments at Santa Monica Pier, or perhaps even met there, the team behind the Pacific-adjacent destination want to hear your tale.

Not only hear it, but share it with visitors in February 2023. An art installation is popping up in the Carousel building, and real-life stories of pier-loving paramours will add adorable oomph to the show.

The storied structure is a perfect one for a display celebrating "A Month of Love" for the cute Carousel has been an ideal spot for holding hands, perhaps for the first time, for over a century now.

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You're also welcome to submit a snapshot, too, if you have the perfect picture of that one time you booped your boyfriend's nose with a cone of vanilla soft serve. Both stories and photos may be submitted through the Santa Monica Pier site.

Submissions honoring "all kinds of love" are welcome.

Need quick inspiration? There are some lovely stories and photographs live on the "Month of Love" page.

Santa Monica Pier has been one of our region's vibrant meet-up places for decades. If you and your dearest count it as an especially special spot, share your uplifting tale with the pier, and the world, this February.

Call your submission a wonderful and whimsical way to shine a spotlight on the romance-enhancing attributes of this enduring attraction, from its cozy-up rides to the crashing waves below to, yes, those ice cream cones that are just perfect for booping a sweetheart's nose.

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