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Chic Bamboo Sunglasses



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Green With Glamour
    Bamboo Sunglasses, found at Green With Glamour

    BAMBOO SUNGLASSES: The oversized shades do have that '60s/Rome glam -- the site references Audrey Hepburn an oversized-shade-wearing-icon, and we can't argue with that -- and there's a real bonus: Kayu Design makes a donation to One Sight on every pair sold (which helps people around the globe with ocular care). So stylish, and kind. That's nice. Kayu, via Green With Glamour

    "THE GRAVEYARD BOOK": Author extraordinaire Neil Gaiman was just awarded a Hugo for Best Novel by the World Science Fiction Society for this tale of a cemetery-raised kid. Ghosts, Gaiman, adventure... It's all good, it's all gloomy. We're getting it.

    A BEVY OF BRIES: We were lingering over the Brie list at Nicole's Gourmet Foods, that South Pasadena purveyor of all that is delectable. Call it put-it-on-a-cracker-or-toast bites, call it cocktail-hour nibbles. Just call it. We do. Now, back to Brie. The "Moulin de Gaye" has a tasty ring to it. We'll have to start working our way through the cheese case beginning with that.