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Cloud 9-9-09



    Cloud 9-9-09
    Block Party Press
    The Cloud 9 Necklace from Block Party Press

    CLOUD 9 NECKLACE: Because the polymer clay pendant is distressed (after it is painted with acrylics), each one has its own individual look. Which we like. Because, we're guessing, that we all have our own personal, can't-be-duplicated cloud 9s. We'd wear this on 9-9 every year. Because. From Block Party Press. $45

    GEORGE HARRISON'S CLOUD NINE: Because it is unofficially Beatles week -- and 09-09-09 is the day we'll all be queuing for Beatles Rock Band -- and because Spaceland is hosting a George Harrison tribute on Saturday the 12th, we had to highlight a favorite album. "When We Were Fab" is string-filled and delicious. At CD Universe. $15.25

    CLOUD 9 TEE: We're liking the simple numeral inside a wavy cloud outline. People will get that fast. And get that you've got a streak of whimsy. And if they don't. Well, you're on cloud nine, right? No worries. Just drift on to a happier place. Via Cafe Press. $22