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Cute (and Smart) T-Shirt of the Week



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    If people elsewhere can't believe in LA read, tell 'em otherwise.

    Oh boy. The old saw of "nobody in Los Angeles reads" just won't ever go away completely. No matter that we boast one of the biggest, most-author-iest book festivals on the planet, that we have a fantastic library system and several famous bookstores. People just buy into it because... it's easy? Or humorous to think all SoCalers are self-absorbed, vain, and only read our own press and/or Google results?

    We just saying. And we're just saying that this t-shirt, a Vroman's Bookstore exclusive, has a bit of cheek that tickles. Designed by Anne Edkins of the great Pasadena book emporium, it says simply "who says people in LA don't read?"

    Buy the brainy blouse at Vroman's, wear it back home to New York or Dallas or Denver or just around town. And if you're curious about all those devastatingly witty and/or untrue and/or completely true verbal fireballs people have lobbed at LA over the years, we recommend reading "1001 Greatest Things Ever Said About California" (probably can pick it up at, or order it through, Vroman's in fact).