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Cylon Art, and Other "Battlestar" Must-Haves



    Cylon Art, and Other "Battlestar" Must-Haves
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    Bid on your favorite "Battlestar Galactica" item (maybe a fabulous jumpsuit once worn by Tricia Helfer, Mary Mcdonnell or Katee Sackhoff?)

    We are fans of plenty of television shows, like serious fans, but the friends we know who are "Battlestar" buffs? No competition. We can't hold a candle. Thank you, and good night. "Battlestar Galactica" -- or BSG on the boards and the fan-fiction forums -- boasts some of the most devoted devotees around (Trekkers, take note). So when a "Battlestar" auction comes around, count on the BSGers, and sci-fi followers in general, and even a few Tinseltown collectors, to be lined up.

    And the one happening on January 17 and 18 is as massive as the known universe (exaggeration, yes, but just a wee bit). There are 800 items -- big for one show -- and they run the gamut. How gamut-y will it get? Look for concept art, jumpsuits worn by cast members (we love jumpsuits, oh yes we do), and smaller props like Elosha's Scroll (we don't know what this is but it sounds cool and will certainly have meaning for fans).

    Have a "Raptor Survival Kit" you've had your eye on? Check out here, BSG people. Happy bidding!