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Grocery Store Grades: Cs for Most

LA is a city of C stores when it comes to its grocery chains, according to a report



    The quality of your grocery store depends largely on where you live, according to a study from the Alliance for Healthy and Responsible Grocery Stores.

    The group of community, faith and labor leaders graded the 11 chains in LA on food access (how close a store is to under-served areas of LA), store quality and job quality. The store then received a final grade.

    The coalition gave three chains -- Food 4 Less, Ralphs and Super A -- B- grades. None of the eleven chains received an A.

    Click here for the full list, which was issued Thursday.

    Grocery Stores Fail to Make the Grade

    [LA] Grocery Stores Fail to Make the Grade
    A new report faults grocery chains for failing to delivery healthy foods in minority areas of the city. People who live in these areas say they aren't getting the same wholesome foods that are available elsewhere.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 12, 2010)

    The report notes a "widening grocery divide" between wealthy and low-income areas. According to the report:

    Communities like South L.A., East L.A. and the Northeast San Fernando Valley face a rising health epidemic caused by inadequate access to healthy food. This is directly related to leading national chains abandoning these communities.

    Although none of the chains performed well in the overall ranking, some stood out in the three categories. For example, Superior was the only chain to receive an A grade in the Food Access category.

    Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons and Whole Foods received A grades for Store Quality, but most of the chains received B grades for Job Quality.