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Hello, Fall: The Felt Hat



    Hello, Fall: The Felt Hat
    Retro Repro Handmade
    Celebrate Felt Hat Day on September 15th with a hat from Retro Repro Handmade.

    THE RED KNOT HAT: The wee buttons placed hither and yon charm, but it is the twists and folds and curves and surprise felt-y belts that get us. And that see-it-a-block-away shade of red. Your mom has asked you, every holiday season, to step it up a little more. This is more than a little more. $59, from Retro Repro Handmade

    NEWSBOY HAT: This newsboy comes in black and has flair in the form of a flip brim that buttons. Will the newsboy be one of those perennial styles that hat fans always return to every fall? Oh definitely. It's pert factor. Via White House | Black Market, $38


    THE PINA COLADA: Picture this wee yellow disc, with flower, atop your fancy go-out coiffure. The material is actually ecofelt, a recycled good, and you can brag at the party that your hat once held soda or beer or wine. No joke. Via Stylesmith, $32