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Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

Brown Derby fans will be drooling.



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    Do you consider yourself a real film fan? Put your Hollywood knowledge to the test with a maddeningly addictive new game based on Tinseltown's finest.

    Modern-day loot like a Dylan jean jacket from '90210' or the Fresh Prince's sunglasses are a dime a dozen in Tinseltown. But the Old Hollywood stuff is hard to come by.

    On Dec. 21, Bonhams & Butterfields will auction off some great finds from LA's golden years, including items from the Brown Derby's first Wilshire Boulevard locale.

    Originally built in the shape of a derby hat, the Brown Derby restaurant was like a second home to Hollywood's elite. Even 'I Love Lucy' filmed an infamous episode there. How fab will your den look with a brass lamp stamped with the restaurant logo?

    Tablecloths are hardly a conversation piece unless yours comes emblazoned with a print of the Derby in its '50s neighborhood. Prices are dirt cheap considering these are bona fide relics, from $200-$500.

    Still too steep? One of the funkiest finds is more in the $50-$75 range -- a brick from the first 1926 building.